12v 300leds 3528 white/warm white waterproof led ribbon strip light 8mm wide -Sunrise

12v 300leds 3528 white/warm white waterproof led ribbon strip light 8mm wide

Brief Description
  1. Power consumption(W):4.8W / M
  2. each led: 8-9lm
  3. Luminous: 2,400-2,700lm±5%
  4. CRI:>80 
  5. Material: 8mm width FPC
  6. Beam angle(°):120
  7. Length (mm):5M

Product Description

high power LED strip lights, also known as LED tape light or led ribbon light, in a variety of single colors, lengths and intensities. We offer LED 12V strips & LED 24V strips for indoor lighting, and weather proof, outdoor lighting applications. Common applications for LED strip lights include LED under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, stair lighting, sign lighting, display lighting etc.

3528 SMD led flexible light strips with 3M adhesive backing and 5 meter (197 in) length with white finish FPCB boardcan be cut into 3-led segments. 12VDC operation. 

12V 300leds 3528SMD white/warm white waterproof led ribbon strip light 8mm wide 

Feature :
1). Low power consumption
2). High intensity and stability
3). Certifications: UL / CE and Rohs 
4). DC12V input or DC24V
5). Warranty: 3years
6). Unique circuit design with strong resistance against static electriciry ensures the stability of the strips
7).  high lumen Epistar 3528SMD as light source to ensure luminous efficiency≥95lm
8).  Waterproof
9).  LED Qty per meter option: 30PCS / M or 60PCS / M

Technical Parameter:

IP Grade Description

IP20 Non-waterproof (The PCB [Printed Circuit Board] surface of the bare , with self-adhesive back, For Indoor;
IP65 Weaterproof (Epoxy cover waterproof, Epoxy Resin,PCB surface is encapsulated with plastic Gel, with self-adhesive 3M back, For Outdoor & Indoor) ;
IP67 Waterproof (Silicon sleeve waterproof,PCB is encapsulated with silicon tube, with plastic fastener, better waterproof, For Outdoor);
IP68 Waterproof (Fully waterproof plastic irrigation,PCB both surface and back are encapsulated with plastic Gel, with plastic fastener, top level of waterproof, For Outdoor); 

3528 LED flexible light strip application:
1)Indoor decoration lighting: room,office,KTV,bar,wall edge,sinking,conceal,back lighting, workshop,church etc;
2)Outdoor decoration lighting: architecture, sign, advertisement, path, gallery, park, plant, fountain, statuary, bridge etc;
3)Celebration/Festivals lighting: Wedding Day, Christmas Day, Harvest Festival, Birthday, Party, Spring Festival et.

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