14W 3030 kitchen panel light with Samsung 5630 SMD leds, TUV led driver-Sunrise

14W 3030 kitchen panel light with Samsung 5630 SMD leds, TUV led driver

Brief Description

300mm-300mm-14W led panel light specification:

Part NoSR-PL3030-04-14

Beam angle(°)120

Power consumption(W)14

Dimmable / non-dimmable

Luminous: 900lm-1100lm   


size: 295*295*11.5mm


LED quantity: 24pcs 5630 SMD  leds

Lifespan: 30000 hours

Input voltage: AC100-240,50-60Hz

Materials: Aluminum+PC

Output voltage: DC30-42V 

Available color: warm white, Neutral white, cool white

Product Description

14Watt 3030 kitchen square LED Light panel with 24xSamsung 5630SMD LEDs.TUV /SAA listed constant led driver. Mainly export German or Australia. luminous produce up  900-1100lm. 100~240VAC operation with included UL recognized constant current LED driver. 300mm (1ft) x 300mm (1ft) aluminum alloy 6063 frame with white finish. Diffused PMMA optical lens. 120 degree beam angle. widely use in office, hospital, school etc. besides, this series led panel light fixture have two functions: one is dimmable-3 in 1 meanwell dimmable led power supply or 0-10V TUV approved dimmable led power supply, the other is non-dimmable-TUV or SAA or CE recongized constant led driver.

1ft x 1ft acrylic square panel light-14W

Feature :

1.24 x 5630SMD LEDs

2. Aluminum alloy 6063 frame

3.Luminous: 900lm-1100lm

4. Diffused PMMA optical lens

5.excellent heat dissipation performance

6.side light

7.slim design

8.instant light, no glare.

9. power consumption option: 15W,18W,21W,25W


 Working Voltage:  AC100-240V  Output voltage:  DC30-42V
Power Factor:  >0.9  Emitting Color: nature white
Total power consumption: 14W  Beam Angle:  120°
LED Qty: Samsung 24pcs 5630smd  Luminous Flux: 900lm-1100lm
Color Temperature: 5000±300K  Long service Life:  30000Hrs+
Frame color: Silver or white Product size: 295x295x11.5mm
Dimmable:  dimmable/Non-dimmable Dimension: 1ftx1ft
Constant Driver: TUV,SAA,UL  Warranty  3 years

commerical 3030 led panel light Application
1. Store, plaza, mall, supermarket, department, flat and warehouse lighting.
2. Counter, display window, show room and museum lighting.
3. School, hospital, office, meeting room, home, residential area lighting.
4. Bar, restaurant, hotel, film cinema, coffee bar, dining room, hall and lobby lighting.
5. Parking ground, subway station, railway station, airport, and other indoor public places.
6. Other indoor occasions.

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