high bay led warehouse lighting 150W-Sunrise

high bay led warehouse lighting 150W

Brief Description
  1. Part No:SRNHB-150W-90CW
  2. Power consumption(W):150W
  3. Luminous: 14,000lm±10%
  4. Luminous efficiency: 110LM/W
  5. CRI:>80 
  6. Beam angle(°):30/60/90
  7. Casing color: Black
  8. IP rank: IP65

Product Description

LED highbay is perfect for applications such as warehouse LED lighting. Our LED high bay fixture is also perfect for use in led factory lighting. The 150 Watt LED High Bay / Low Bay Fixture is designed to replace traditional high intensity discharge (HID) lamp fixtures. 

Features :

1. Cree leds

2. 14,000lm±10%

3. Adjustable angles 0-216 degrees

4.Water-proof: IP65 used for both indoor and outdoor directly.

Advantages of high quality led high bay lights 150w:
1.High CRI >80
2.High Power Efficiency>90
3.Original CREE or Bridgelux or Epistar LEDs
4.Meanwell Power Supply
5.Pure copper Heat pipe cooling technology
6.IP65 weaterproof grade for total lamp

7.30/60/90° Reflector, up to 92% reflectivity

high bay led lighting 150W application

Widely used in factory, gymnasium, airport station, warehouse, square, shopping mall, exhibition room, the vessel/ship big or small port, lighting engineering, golf courses, ships, subway station, panoramic view, highway toll booth, exhibition hall, the lighting of building construction, gas stations, overpasses, outdoor billboards, and other lighting places etc.

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