5mm straw hat cool white led-7000K-120 degree viewing angle-Sunrise

5mm straw hat cool white led-7000K-120 degree viewing angle

Brief Description

1. LED package: 5mm

2. LED color: white

3. lens: water clear

4. chip size: 12mil or 14 mil (Taiwan)

5. CCT: 5500-8000K

6. view angle: 15 degree


8. uniformity of light spot  

9. high intensity 

10. good consistency  

11. shipment in the same pin 

Product Description

5mm straw hat white leds, its CCT 5500-8000K, 2,500-2,800mcd and 120 degree view angle. Component leds adopt Iron silver plating technology, pure gold wire and imported glue to make sure the sensitive electronic devices' long service life.  


1. uniformity of light spot  

2. high intensity 

3. good consistency  

4. shipment as per the same pin 


LED is widely applied in advertisment lights, decorative light, bridge decations, building decorations, city brightness projects, household lights, street lights, signal lights in engineering, emergency lights, torches, etc.

LED bulbs are widely used in different application range, featured in energy-saving, environmental 
protective, and long life span.
We are professional manufacturer in LED and it applications as per customer's requirements. There are various categories available for your options. Please take a close look at our products for their specifications.

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