3528 Variable white led flexible light strip-Sunrise

3528 Variable white led flexible light strip

Brief Description
  1. Power consumption(W):19.2W / M
  2. each led:8-9lm
  3. Luminous: 4800-5400lm±5%
  4. CRI:>75 
  5. Material: FPCB
  6. Beam angle(°):120
  7. Length (mm):5M

Product Description

Variable white LED light strips offer warm white and cool white in one versatile high power LED strip, also known as various color temperature led light strip or LED tape. widely used for home interior lighting as under-cabinet lighting, commercial lighting applications.

 double color led light strip. 5M length with 600pcs 3528SMD leds in one unit. color temperature from 2300K-6800K or so. 24VDC operation.

SMD3528 / SMD5050 Double color/ Variable white/twin white LED flexible light strip 

 SMD3528 LED Strip, Flexible led strip, double color LED Strip, SMD5050 LED Strip. LED strip light
1. Body Material: Soft PCB board.
2. Light source: SMD3528 or SMD5050 LED
3. Color: Twin white (pure white + warm white)
4. Viewing Angle: 120 Degree
5. Voltage Available: 24VDC
Double color / twin white LED strip is a new design concept on soft LED strip illumination, its design idea is to build a rich creativity and the inspiration space, make your living space made all the difference, lets the human feel comfortable, joyful, and maintains the optimum condition. The clever combination of two classical colors (pure white and warm white), may let you have pure white, warm white and the blending effect of these two colors simultaneously, it is completely adapt to different space, and you are easy to get different kinds of color changing mode via our 3-wire 2-loop controller to meets the different illumination need.

. Wide applicability, easy to install and maintain;
. Extremely luminous, with wide viewing angle;
. PC base board, unique waterproof technique;
. Energy saving and environmental friendly;
. Operating low voltage DC 24V for human safety;
. Various colors are available;
. Very bright and low power consumption.

Technical Parameter:

IP Grade Description

IP20 Non-waterproof (The PCB [Printed Circuit Board] surface of the bare , with self-adhesive back, For Indoor;
IP65 Waterproof (Epoxy cover waterproof, Epoxy Resin,PCB surface is encapsulated with plastic Gel, with self-adhesive 3M back, For Outdoor & Indoor) ;
IP67 Waterproof (Silicon sleeve waterproof,PCB is encapsulated with silicon tube, with plastic fastener, better waterproof, For Outdoor);
IP68 Waterproof (Fully waterproof plastic irrigation,PCB both surface and back are encapsulated with plastic Gel, with plastic fastener, top level of waterproof, For Outdoor); 

dual color LED flexible light strip application:

* Indoor and outdoor decoration lighting;
*Large scale backlight for signage letters;
*Car decorative light;
*Holiday decorative lighting;
*Hotel, restaurant, theatre decorative lighting;
*Decoration for indoor illuminations;
*Building contour decorative lighting;
*Ad signs, light boxes;
*Profile lighting;
*Window display lighting. 

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