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How to choose led light bulbs

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Posted on May 11th, 2015.

Sunrise offer 6000K clear led candle light bulbs which can be classified into decorative, energy saving, dimmable purpose etc.

if you are going to purchase led light bulb from Chinese suppliers, you may need to know how to choose and buy them.

here we will tell you the following aspects that you should consider before carry out a big order.

1. Brightness different will lead to prices of led light bulbsare different.

2. Chips from different supplier show a difference in quality. Such as SAMSUNG, BRIDGEFLUX, CREE, EPISTAR, SANAN etc..

3. the size of led chips also should be counted into the price. big chips are better than small ones. such as brightness, good heat dissipation.

4. LED drivers from different manufactures show a difference in quality.

5. No ventilation holes to heat dissipation.

You want to see cheap and bad led light bulbs. The 3 at the bottom the small transformer is burned, cause the capacity factor of transformer is not enough. the problem is there is no ventilation holes. At 5.00$ each don’t buy these. They lasted less than 6 months, and there is no writings on these.

Sunrise will offer you the best quality and reasonable price for every customers.