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How to choose led flood lights

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Posted on May 5th, 2015.

if you are going to purchase led flood lights from Chinese suppliers, you may need to know how to choose and buy them.

here we will tell you the following aspects that you should consider before carry out a big order.

1. Brightness different will lead to prices of led flood lights are different.

2. Chips from different supplier show a difference in quality. Such as SAMSUNG, BRIDGEFLUX, CREE, EPISTAR, SANAN etc..

3. the size of led chips also should be counted into the price. big chips are better than small ones. such as brightness, good heat dissipation.

4. LED drivers from different manufactures show a difference in quality. Such as Meanwell driver or Chinese brand driver.

5. aluminum alloy material different show a difference in quality. 6063 is the best choice

different commercial led lighting products are designed for different purposes. The reliability of LED lighting design should include: electrical safety, fire retardation,

mechanical safety, enviroment friendly, etc.. As to electrical safety, it should be consistent with relevant international.

LED flood lights should be qualified with international certifications, such as GS. CE. UL. etc. Sunrise will offer you the best quality and

reasonable price for every customers.