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The crucial points for the purchasing of led bulb

Posted on Nov 28,2014.

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JUNE 16, 2013-China-The advantages of good quality led lights such as energy saving, long using life , colorful, high-brightness and others have made the led bulb wholesale gradually enter into the ordinary user's home. However, when the consumers are facing with relatively high purchasing price and chaotic market, what they should do to choose qualified led candle light

The following summarizes which are original from website which is the best led light manufacturer are

experiences about the purchasing of the led light.

The first point is about the packaging for led bulb light supplier. There would also have the information about the manufacturer, place of origin, contact information and logo on the packaging of led light manufacturer’s products. If these factors are not completely, the products would be the non-formal product and the product quality is difficult to be guaranteed.

The second is about the appearance of the led high bay light and other led products. The appearance of the overall appearance of led candle light should be smoothly and without glitches and other obvious scratches. If the consumers use their hands to touching the surface of the led bulb, there should not have apparent harshness feeling.

However, the clients could also shake bulbs vigorously and the interior part of the led bulb wholesale should not have abnormal noise. If there is exist some strange noise in the bulb, it is best not to buy because the non-fixed internal components or debris inside the lamp can easily cause a short circuit and other damage to the led high bay light.

On the other hand, consumers should also carefully check the product power. The engineer from website has told us that the ordinary LED bulb power could not exceed 7W. The low power of the led light is because the LED will generate heat when illuminated. Today’s aluminum radiator for ordinary light bulb size could only help to cool the 7W led candle light. If the power of the LED light has exceeded 7W, the ordinary aluminum radiator cannot effectively cool the LED light and this situation will greatly shorten the using life of the led lamp such as led high bay light.

The buyer should also observe the cooling effect of the led lightbefore they purchase them. The clients could light fixtures for more than half an hour and then use their hands to touch lamps radiator parts which should not have obvious hot feeling. If the feeling is hot, the result would be that its internal heat will seriously affect the lamp life.