Recycling day

this article is sorted out by on May 4th, 2015

As reported that In Warsaw Poland, to enhance people’s awareness of environmental protection, Luzinterruptus held a 12-hour charity called Recycling Sunday by using plastic bags, the activity brought thousands of luminous plastic bags which scattered in the square. Inside each bag there is a led light the green color means recycled glass, yellow means recycled metal, and blue for recycled paper, the colorful bags light up the sky that night.

The whole event site was completely open, it allowed visitors to participate in freely, and the luminous plastic bags were allowed to take home as a gift for children arbitrary. The activity told us a story that we need to classify waste during everyday life, and environmental protection need everyone’s participation.

Sunrise everybody protect environment begin from me. this is our responsibility.

TOSHIBA began mass production 160-170LM white led from Feb 4th, 2015

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Toshiba released TL1L4 series of white led which luminous flux reach 160-170lm at  normal temperature operation and began mass production from Feb 4th, 2015. TL1L4 series is purpose to  led lighting, mainly used in led light bulb, recessed light, street light, led flood light and led high bay light etc...


TL1L4 series of leds' luminous efficiency  reach 160LM/W(CCT=5000K、Ra=70@IF=350mA、Ta=25℃)。Ta=85℃ working current max reach 1A.  to be introduced that new product under Ta=85℃, luminous flux improve above 60% compared with TL1L3 series. This can help lighting products on improving lumionus efficiency, lowing power consumption.

the same as original product, new product is also using GaN-on-Si technology, this is also a feature of Toshiba white led. this series adopt 3.5mm×3.5mm lens packing, there are 9 models CCT from 2700-6500K.

India promote new business mode--buying led light bulb only RMB1.00/pcs

this article is sorted out by on January 3, 2015

we have heard from India EESL and its distribution company that they both develop this set of business mode,

EESL import large quantity led light bulb from oversea and sell it to consumer at very low price about RMB1/pcs,

and then distribution company will pay for EESL in phases according to the cost of electricity saving in the next 

5-8 years.

EESL have odered 200 million of led bulb from oversea sellers several months ago. Ande Laban CEO ChandrababuNaidu

released DELP, the purpose of this project is to replace incandescent lamp with led bulb. DELP project would cover

700 thousands of family, each of them can buy 2pcs of high quality led bulb with RMB1/pcs.

EESL would like to have all poor familes used led products and technology.

all of traffic lights in Dubai will be replaced of led lighting

This article is sorted out by on Dec 27th, 2014.

As Dubai transportation officials Maitha bin Udai said that all of traffic lights in Dubai will be replaced of led lighting, these 

projects will realize the effect of about 55% energy saving, 900 thousand of Dirham saving per every year. the new style

of led lightings can realize more the uniform distribution of light, and automatically adjust the light intensity according to 

the the external light intensity, it will help them to reduce traffic accidents.

for more led solutions, please kindly send email to us. we will be happy to help you.

we have a responsibility to protect the environment against pollution

this article is sorted out by on Dec 19th, 2014.

with the led lightings have been promoted extensively recently, more and more people know that these lightings

have energy saving than their harmful to our environment. we know from our environment department that

sodium lamp and energy saving lamp respectively include sodium and mercury. if you throw away breakage energy

saving lamp freely, their harmful substances will pollute 30 tons of ground water. please kindly protect our living 


Sunrise every staff protect environment begin from me. this is our responsibility.

2015 New LED Standards to be Released

this article is sorted out by on Dec. 3, 2014.

we learn from one of led news that product testing and certification laboratory DEKRA has recently released new international led luminaire and led lighting such as led module standards to be released next year. For details please see below:


Safety Requirements For

Related Standards New Amendments / Editions

Date of Publish (DOP)

Date of Withdrawal

Luminaires for emergency lighting

EN 60598-2-22:2014



D.C. or A.C. supplied electronic controlgear for LED modules

EN 61347-2-13:2014



next year, our company will stick on the new led standards. the quality is a life of our company.

2015 global led lighting market to reach USD25.7 billion

this article is sorted out by on Dec. 1, 2014.

     the global LED lighting market including led light tubes, commercial lighting, architectural lighting etc will reach $25.7 billion dollars and its market penetration will increase to 31% in 2015 as the overall lighting market grows to $82.1 billion.

     Europe is the largest LED lighting market. It comprises 23% of the global LED lighting market despite its high electricity prices and lack of large-scale subsidies for LED lighting users, said Joanne Wu, an assistant manager at LEDinside, adding that Europe’s demand for LED lighting for commercial and architectural lighting applications is increasing.

     China comprises 21% of the overall LED lighting market. As the manufacturing base of most LED lighting producers, China boasts a complete LED supply chain and many cost advantages. Traditional lighting manufacturers, lighting OEMs, emerging LED lighting manufacturers, and LED packaging manufacturers all are expanding their LED lighting businesses. This year, developing viable channel distribution is a top priority for vendors in China. Looking ahead to 2015, the lighting market in China should continue to grow on the back of stable demand for lighting. However, since the market is highly competitive and there is little variation in product quality among different manufacturers, vendors will compete mainly on price, making the probability of a price war high, Wu said. At the same time, without proper distribution channels, manufacturers will be forced to exit the market, she added.

    The United States holds 19% of the overall LED lighting market. Currently, there is a push in the industry to obtain certification from the US Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star and the DesignLights Consortium (DLC), a US-based non-profit organization. Firms which receive certification from these organizations are eligible for subsidies from local utilities providers. Additionally, LED lighting product quality is improving, helping commercial LED lighting in the US grow. The fastest-growing segment is led light tubes.

    Japan has just 9% of the global LED lighting market. Indeed, the Japanese LED lighting market is relatively mature. LED commercial lighting is already common in    Japan’s schools, hospitals and retail chain stores. Still, the outdoor and industrial LED lighting segments have considerable potential to expand.

   Emerging markets, including Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Latin America, comprise 28% of the global LED lighting market. Looking ahead to 2015, growth prospects in these markets are especially promising because of rapid population growth, favorable government policies and an abundance of private-sector LED lighting projects.

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2015 led tube light will be the largest demand in global led lighting market

this article is sorted out by on Dec.11th,2014.

According to the latest"2015 global led lighting market tendency research report", led tube light will be the largest demand

products, and second is led light bulb. moreover, in view of led lighting market, led ceiling light will be the major lighting products

in led lighting items which is focus on home decoration market.

To keep abreast of the latest led lighting market, Sunrise develop&research more and more good quality but competitive price

led lighting products to meet customers' requirement.